What do we offer?

Chesapeake Commons provides affordable web mapping and programming support to small watershed organizations, foundations, and government agencies. We build data-driven applications that spark information transparency, public engagement, and conservation policy decisions.

Web cartography

The Commons team employs current techniques to build fast, functional maps for use in your websites and digital publications. We also accept limited requests for geospatial data processing and help with analyses involving ArcGIS.

Data stories

Your datasets hold compelling insights, but they may be stored away in spreadsheets and other formats that hinder clear communication. We can help you explain key findings in ways that are more accessible to your audience.

Custom data collection

Simplify day-to-day work routines and increase user engagement with applications that gather data from mobile and desktop devices. Deliver real-time information straight to your online maps and forward-facing sites.

What are people saying?

"Chesapeake Commons' innovative work turned our Water Reporter app from concept to reality. Citizens use our app to report pollution and we use the data to fix the problem." - Brent Walls, Potomac Riverkeeper
"Chesapeake Commons staff respond promptly to map and data enhancement needs." - Kevin Stitzinger, The Mountain Institute
"Your work inspires NPCA to use data to tell compelling stories that support our air and water campaigns." - Ed Stierli, National Parks Conservation Association
"The Commons team brings strong programming and GIS skillsets to aid in my firm's environmental mapping projects." - David Burke, Burke Environmental Associates